SRAS Russian Mini Lessons

The School of Russian and Asian Studies contains many excellent resources for students learning Russian and those who are interested in studying abroad in Russia and Eurasia. Their Russian Mini Lessons provide cultural background knowledge and vocabulary on a variety of topics: religion and folklore, politics and military, village life, business, love and friendship, birth, health and safety, science and technology, and others. The lessons introduce readers to key words, phrases, and idiomatic expressions related to the topic. Use this resource to add new vocabulary to your vocabulary log, or simply to beef up your knowledge on Russian culture.


Russnet Language Learning Modules

Russnet is home to 30 in-depth Russian language learning modules on various topics in history, literature, culture, and science. Modules include: texts and video on the topics; reading comprehension, grammatical, and lexical exercises; and writing prompts. They can be used by independent learners, or by teachers as a supplement to in-class work. Use of the modules requires a login but registration is free.


Global Language Online Support System is a database of interactive language lessons from the Defense Language Institute, containing over 400 Russian language lessons. Browse lessons by level, skill (listening or reading), and topic (culture, economy, geography, military, politics, science, security, society, technology). Lessons contain audio, video, activities, glossaries, and links for further information on the topics. This is an extremely rich resource that is ideal for independent learners.

Russian Language Mentor

Russian Language Mentor is an extremely valuable site that contains a wealth of self-guided materials for intermediate and advanced learners of Russian.