Don’t Forget Your Russian

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Don’t Forget Your Russian is an easy-to-navigate collection of Russian language learning resources. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to access resources for listening, reading, grammar, learning strategies, and more.



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Morpheem is a vocabulary learning program that assesses your current Russian vocabulary knowledge, then provides you with new words in context to learn. It continues to repeat the words until you have mastered them. The novel thing about Morpheem is that it uses real sentences, so you see how the words are actually used in writing. This is a very useful tool for developing your passive vocabulary.

Reading Russian Short Stories

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Work on your reading comprehension with the Reading Russian Short Stories site. The stories are all from the 20th and 21st centuries, and include familiar names like Zoshchenko, Erofeev, and Tolstaya, plus many authors who are not well known in the West. Each story is followed by comprehension questions and activities. Try reading a story and writing out your responses for practice.

Conradish – UPDATE: Back online!

UPDATE: After a lengthy absence, Conradish is now back online.  Conradish is a tool for Russian language learners to read Russian literature in the original, with English glosses. The site contains works by Достоевский, Набоков, Пастернак, Булгаков, Чехов, Толстой, Гоголь, Пушкин, and many others. When reading a text, hold your cursor over a word to get a definition; click on the word to get a fuller dictionary entry. Because this tool relies on literal translations of individual words, the definitions are not always accurate. Use Conradish in conjunction with a more detailed dictionary to get the best translation of idiomatic expressions and collocations.

RuNet Echo | Эхо Рунета


RuNet Echo is a project from Global Voices that features blog posts on current events and politics from the Russian Internet. Although the posts are in English, they include quotes in both the original Russian and in translation, as well as links to the RuNet sources. This site is an excellent portal for digging deeper into the Russian blogosphere.

Инфографика | РИА Новости

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The Инфографика section of the РИА Новости website is updated almost daily with new infographics on both current events and cultural topics. The infographics’ use of images, charts, and graphs makes the content more accessible for readers; in addition, they present topic-specific vocabulary, cultural info, and authentic, concise language.