Луч света

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If you are interested in improving your ability to understand Russian news reports, check out Луч света. Each post contains a video from a Russian news outlet, a paragraph of the necessary background information (in English), notes on language, and transcripts with English translations. First, watch the clip to see how much you comprehend. Then refer to the supplementary materials and follow along with the transcript as you listen.


RuNet Echo | Эхо Рунета


RuNet Echo is a project from Global Voices that features blog posts on current events and politics from the Russian Internet. Although the posts are in English, they include quotes in both the original Russian and in translation, as well as links to the RuNet sources. This site is an excellent portal for digging deeper into the Russian blogosphere.

Инфографика | РИА Новости

ria infografika

The Инфографика section of the РИА Новости website is updated almost daily with new infographics on both current events and cultural topics. The infographics’ use of images, charts, and graphs makes the content more accessible for readers; in addition, they present topic-specific vocabulary, cultural info, and authentic, concise language.



Foreigncy is a unique site that scaffolds the process of reading articles in Russian (other languages are offered as well). A new article is posted every weekday, with a summary in English, occasionally an embedded news clip related to the article, vocabulary list, flashcards and quizzes (via Quizlet), and a link to the original article on a Russian news site.

SRAS Russian Mini Lessons

The School of Russian and Asian Studies contains many excellent resources for students learning Russian and those who are interested in studying abroad in Russia and Eurasia. Their Russian Mini Lessons provide cultural background knowledge and vocabulary on a variety of topics: religion and folklore, politics and military, village life, business, love and friendship, birth, health and safety, science and technology, and others. The lessons introduce readers to key words, phrases, and idiomatic expressions related to the topic. Use this resource to add new vocabulary to your vocabulary log, or simply to beef up your knowledge on Russian culture.


Global Language Online Support System is a database of interactive language lessons from the Defense Language Institute, containing over 400 Russian language lessons. Browse lessons by level, skill (listening or reading), and topic (culture, economy, geography, military, politics, science, security, society, technology). Lessons contain audio, video, activities, glossaries, and links for further information on the topics. This is an extremely rich resource that is ideal for independent learners.