Don’t Forget Your Russian

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Don’t Forget Your Russian is an easy-to-navigate collection of Russian language learning resources. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to access resources for listening, reading, grammar, learning strategies, and more.



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3ears is a database of Russian-language songs, TV show excerpts, and other video clips. A transcript appears below each video, and each word in the transcript is highlighted when it is spoken or sang in the video. You can also go to the exact point in the video where a word appears by clicking it. To see the definition, declension or conjugation, and other example usages of a word, drag it to the side of the screen. 3ears is particularly useful for catching all the words in a sitcom (there are many included on the site), film, or any other video with lots of quickly spoken conversational dialogue.

Rockin’ Russian

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Rockin’ Russian is an interactive site from COERLL at UT-Austin featuring ten subtitled (in Russian and English) music videos accompanied by extensive exercises. There are pre-listening, during listening, and post-listening exercises for all levels – novice, intermediate, advanced, and superior. The multiple-choice exercises focus on reading and listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary related to the songs.


MOSKVA.FM is the best resource I’ve found for listening to Russian radio online. Stream popular radio stations (Эхо Москвы, Наше радио, Русское радио, and many more), listen to archived programs (news, horoscopes, countdowns), and browse the charts (хит-парады). The interface is what really sets MOSKVA.FM apart: it shows what song is playing, a box for user comments, and a visual timeline of the songs and programs that have aired – it even notes each song’s number of rotations. Also, click “текст песни” to bring up lyrics in the window as a song plays. More features are available for registered users (including the ability to make playlists).

Far From Moscow

Far From Moscow is an excellent English-language blog dedicated to new music from Russia and surrounding areas. Browse artists by genre or location, listen to songs, and view a calendar of upcoming concerts. Explore in order to find artists and songs that you like; read more about the artists online, and practice your Russian by listening to song lyrics and looking up unfamiliar words.