Real Life in Russia

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Real Life in Russia is a series of interactive lessons to prepare you for living abroad in Russia. Each lesson presents the necessary language, cultural knowledge, and practical information to successfully accomplish daily tasks while in Russia: from making a proper cup of tea and buying a train ticket to adding money to your cell phone and creating a social media profile on Вконтакте.


RuNet Echo | Эхо Рунета


RuNet Echo is a project from Global Voices that features blog posts on current events and politics from the Russian Internet. Although the posts are in English, they include quotes in both the original Russian and in translation, as well as links to the RuNet sources. This site is an excellent portal for digging deeper into the Russian blogosphere.

iGoogle по-русски

Navigate to to create your personalized start page in Russian. Browse some of the Любимые темы, which include cartoons (“Винни-Пух”, “Чебурашка”), films (“Москва слезам не верит”, “Белое солнце пустыни”), and musicians (Мумий Тролль, Дима Билан). Click Добавить эту тему to change your iGoogle theme. Add gadgets to further personalize your page by clicking Добавить гаджеты, also on the right-hand side of the page. Select Русский under Выбрать язык in order to browse a wide variety of Russian-language gadgets, including news feeds, weather forecasts, dictionaries, holiday calendars, online radio, horoscopes, jokes, and more. Set your iGoogle page as your home page in order to be exposed to Russian every time you open your browser.