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3ears is a database of Russian-language songs, TV show excerpts, and other video clips. A transcript appears below each video, and each word in the transcript is highlighted when it is spoken or sang in the video. You can also go to the exact point in the video where a word appears by clicking it. To see the definition, declension or conjugation, and other example usages of a word, drag it to the side of the screen. 3ears is particularly useful for catching all the words in a sitcom (there are many included on the site), film, or any other video with lots of quickly spoken conversational dialogue.



Ералаш is a children’s comedy program that has been on air since 1975. The Ералаш YouTube channel hosts nearly 300 clips from the program. These segments are short and lend themselves well to listening practice, as they provide contextualized language use. Independent students can watch the videos as many times as needed to comprehend them, and teachers can use them to build lessons on pragmatics, humor, or other topics.