Don’t Forget Your Russian

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Don’t Forget Your Russian is an easy-to-navigate collection of Russian language learning resources. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to access resources for listening, reading, grammar, learning strategies, and more.



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3ears is a database of Russian-language songs, TV show excerpts, and other video clips. A transcript appears below each video, and each word in the transcript is highlighted when it is spoken or sang in the video. You can also go to the exact point in the video where a word appears by clicking it. To see the definition, declension or conjugation, and other example usages of a word, drag it to the side of the screen. 3ears is particularly useful for catching all the words in a sitcom (there are many included on the site), film, or any other video with lots of quickly spoken conversational dialogue.

Cornell University On-line Course Materials


The Russian Language Program at Cornell University has produced several excellent online resources for learners of Russian. Mini-Videos for Learners of Intermediate Russian consists of 91 excerpts from the comedy show “6 кадров”, accompanied by vocabulary help and transcripts. The Anthrax Diaries is a 30-minute documentary about the Soviet biological weapons program, with transcripts and English translations. Lora’s Dialogs is a beginner’s course with short dialogs (audio recordings), transcripts, grammar notes, and substitution exercises. A Collocational Russian-English Dictionary of the Human Body is an interactive on-line dictionary that lists thousands of phrases for describing the appearance, movements, moods, injuries, etc. of human beings. Additionally, there are several pages that accompany Russian films with transcripts, key vocabulary, and summaries: Папа, Благословите женщинуВодитель для Веры, and Олигарх. 


Отрезал.РУ is an online dictionary of Russian idioms, sayings, film quotes, and other language chunks that provides historical background on these phrases as well as their meaning. Advanced students of Russian can use this website as an aid while reading texts, or, alternatively, browse the entries to learn new expressions like белая ворона or to find out when to use the phrase зубы заговаривать.

Russian Moviedom

eTVnet is streaming classic Soviet movies for free at Russian Moviedom, including “Зеркало” (“The Mirror”), “Сказка о царе Салтане” (“The Tale of Tsar Saltan”), “Собачье сердце” (“Heart of a Dog”), “Обыкновенное чудо” (“An Ordinary Miracle”), and others. There are no subtitles, but try to get the main gist of the story as you watch. Read more about the film online on Википедия or КиноПоиск.Ru before and/or after watching to deepen your understanding.